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Full Music Services

Need professional music production services? Check out these services for a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to enrich your sound. From precise stem mastering to the creation of custom tracks, each service is detailed alongside its respective pricing.

We Bring Endless Expertise to Your Projects

Music Production

Elevate your content with captivating soundtracks. Our music production team collaborates with you to create original compositions and soundscapes that perfectly complement your visuals, evoking emotions and enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

Mix Engineering

Sound plays a crucial role in creating an immersive experience. Our mix engineers possess a keen ear for detail and skillfully blend audio elements, ensuring optimal balance and clarity. Let us enhance the auditory dimension of your content, captivating your audience's senses.


Achieve professional-grade sound quality with our mastering services. Our audio experts carefully refine and polish your audio tracks, ensuring optimal levels, clarity, and sonic excellence. Experience the difference as your content comes to life with exceptional sound quality.

Music Supervision

Our comprehensive knowledge of how music impacts the visual medium will resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting impact and deepening the emotional connection. Our talented Music Supervisor works with the key decision makers and/or designated creative team to collectively determine the musical vision, tone and style that best suits the project.


Immerse your content with soulful melodies and captivating lyrics. Our talented songwriters collaborate with you to craft original songs that resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting impact and deepening the emotional connection.

Want Us to Produce a Custom Track Just for You?

Love the quality of our tracks but want something that is fully built around your idea? We can produce a custom track just for you.

Mastering Stems

Dive deeper into sound with our stem mastering. Our seasoned engineers meticulously correct inconsistencies, refine the overall sound quality, and craft a harmonious output from pre-rendered buses for drums, bass, vocals, and more.

Mastering Stereo Track

Give your music the final, crucial touch it deserves. We seamlessly unite all stems into a single, cohesive stereo track. Adhering to the demands of streaming platforms, we ensure your music is polished, pristine, and release-ready.


Witness the transformation of your track with our professional mixing. Balancing the musical elements, tweaking frequency content, boosting, and panning - we weave them all into a perfectly balanced auditory piece, punctuated with the necessary filters, effects, and delays.

Music Editing

Upgrade your sound with our music editing service. We swap audio samples - kick, snare, bass, vocals, etc - and perform meticulous time alignment of instruments, such as guitars and drums, enhancing the overall sound quality.

Music Composing

Desire a track that's completely yours? Our talented composers can create a bespoke composition, intricately crafted around your unique concept.

Contact Us Today for Bespoke Services

Ready to start your sonic journey with us? Contact Us today and let us help you discover the perfect tracks or craft unique compositions that resonate with your project's goals.